Pacific NW woodland location


Accommodations & conveniences

For those needing over-night accommodations we provide a list of neighboring hotels offering room discounts and other special amenities. The property, just off I-5 and I-405, secreted within city limits, is easily accessible to all conveniences.

Alcohol policy

If  alcohol is to be consumed, it will be necessary  to purchase and post a banquet permit (registered in the name of the renter), and engage a currently insured catering or bartending company with an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) License.  Liability insurance is required.


Caterer’s, including self-caterer’s responsibilities, are posted in the “Staging house.”   The Staging house with refrigerator-freezer, 20 ft. of shelving, and 70 sq. ft. of counter space may be used for multi-purposes, including drop-off and temporary storage of equipment and rental items and vendor use.  Your caterer furnishes linens and tableware.  The management will provide  banquet tables & chairs.  Caterers are responsible for leaving the preparation area in the same condition that they found it upon entry, and all garbage and recycling removal.  Six 45 gallon garbage cans are provided.

Furnishings +

Furnishings include twelve, 60 inch diameter, round tables that will seat 8-10 people per table, and eight rectangular 30” X 6’ banquet tables.   All tables are 29″ high.  The number of white, padded, folding chairs equal to the anticipated number of people will also be provided. Decorative structures include a 30′ x 60′ ornamental iron arbor with translucent rainproof canopy arching over the patio, a 20’L X 10’H X 5’W semicircular ornamental iron lawn arbor, and a movable 54″W X 23″D X 84″H garland trellis.  Additional shade netting for the patio is available upon request. You will also enjoy an eclectic selection of comfortable patio and garden furniture, including metal bar.  We also provide decorative items, such as umbrellas, bistro lighting, lanterns, and vases.

Music and noise ordinances

Natural string & wind  instruments may be played outside on the grounds.   A high quality docking audio speaker system is provided.  Ten o’clock neighborhood noise curfew must be respected.  Microphones are not allowed.

Parking & transportation

Free parking is located on the north end of the property.    A convenient Park ‘n Ride is located in Canyon Park right off I-405 at the Bothell Mill Creek Exit #26.

Pricing and availability 

Please call Kathleen at 425-402-7180, email us at dragonflyretreat@comcast.net, or simply fill out the form on our website contact page for a swift reply to  questions you may have concerning availability and pricing.



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